ASTRONOMY CLUB Comedy Central Digital Series (Sketch)

Episode 1 - George Washington Carver (Writer: Jonathan Braylock)

Episode 2 - Relationship Status (Writer: Jonathan Braylock)

Episode 3 - Witch Hunt (Writers: Monique Moses & Caroline Martin)

Episode 4 - Dookie’s Funeral Home (Writer: Shawtane Bowen)

Episode 5 - Dying of Thirst (Writer: Keisha Zollar)

Episode 6 - World Series of Spades (Writers: Raymond Cordova & James III)

Head Writers: Jonathan Braylock & Keisha Zollar

Directed by Tim Bierbaum


Let’s Talk About Race, Baby! & UCB NY Cagematch (Improv)

Three fully improvised performances in UCB NY’s long running Cagematch show and the first ever iteration of Let’s Talk About Race, Baby! at UCB Sunset in LA.

A Journey Thru Black History (Sketch)

Join Reverend Professor Ray Cordova as he delivers a lesson in the real black history. Behold the thirst of the Middle Passage, witness the style of the Underground Railroad, and revel in the memory of the greatest black inventors. This show is the realization of MLK's dream... Or maybe his nightmare.

Written and performed by Astronomy Club.

Directed by Carl Foreman, Jr.